Consultants listed in this database have agreed to adhere to the following standards:

I.     Act with Integrity in All Matters

  1. Exhibit cultural humility by being sensitive to cross-cultural and multi-cultural differences
  2. Provide services as advertised; do not make exaggerated claims in profile and advertising and fairly and accurately represent qualifications and credentials
  3. Avoid developing personal inappropriate relationships with client board, staff, or volunteers while under contract

II.     Elevate the Consulting Profession in the Nonprofit Sector

  1. Maintain a commitment to professional development through continuing education, evaluation, and active involvement with professional organizations
  2. Exhibit due respect for other professionals and their work

III.     Follow the Law

  1. Never knowingly infringe upon the intellectual property rights of other parties
  2. Comply with all applicable local, state, federal, civil, criminal, and other laws and promote compliance among clients
  3. Identify and disclose or resolve potential conflicts or dualities of interest
  4. Do not disclose confidential information given in the professional consultant-client relationship

IV.     Promote Clients’ Welfare and Interests

  1. Seek feedback from clients during the course of service and evaluation from clients after the contract has concluded
  2. Agree on scope, objectives, timeframe, and fees prior to accepting an assignment
  3. Be responsive and available to parties before, during and after any sale of materials and / or services
  4. Whenever possible, be transparent about the potential consequences of actions and recommendations
  5. Serve the long-term interest of clients, even if the work has a short-term focus

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