The Three C’s
NPC’s model for delivering on our mission to be a catalyst, promoting the interests and enhancing the effectiveness of the nonprofit sector in southeastern Wisconsin

1. Capacity Building

  • Providing support and education to help our members and other nonprofits be as effective as possible in delivering on their mission.
  • Transferring practical, real-life information from experts to practitioners in workshops, seminars, summits, and conferences
  • Providing connections for nonprofit organizations to access consulting services they need and can trust.  (Resource Center)
  • Helping nonprofits learn how to access and utilize their resources wisely – training in leadership, fund development, volunteer management, financial management, human resources and more

2. Chamber of Commerce

  • Like a Chamber of Commerce, enhancing the business environment for our industry by:
  • Facilitating discussions around issues that affect organizations across the sector
  • Building awareness of the impact our sector has and the strength it brings to our community
  • Ensuring nonprofits are at the table as decisions are being made

3. Connecting for Impact

  • Connecting individuals and businesses with the nonprofit sector to strengthen the whole community
  • Ensuring that all nonprofits and interested volunteers find the connection and resources they need for positive experiences.  (Volunteer Milwaukee)
  • Addressing business goals, community needs and employee interests through strategic volunteerism.  (Business Volunteer Council)
  • Connecting nonprofits with individuals who want to serve as board directors
  • Creating safe and supportive spaces for genuine sharing of ideas and concerns among nonprofits seeing each other as peers
  • Convening: bringing together stakeholders from the nonprofit, public and private sectors around issues that face our sector and our community
  • Helping EDs and CEOs come together to share and support each other as leaders of their agencies  (Agency Executives Group)
  • Offering private, confidential environments for nonprofit representatives to support each other, building communication, generosity, and support  (Leaders and Learning Circles)

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